Radical equations

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You're enjoying algebra and equations, but you miss radicals. Wouldn't it be unbelievably awesome if you could solve equations with radicals in them. Well, your dreams can come true. In this tutorial, we work through a bunch of examples to help you understand how to solve radical equations. As always, pause the videos and try to solve the example before Sal does.

Solving radical equations

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Solving Radical Equations

Extraneous solutions to radical equations

VIDEO 11:10 minutes
Extraneous Solutions to Radical Equations

Solving radical equations 1

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Solving Radical Equations 1

Solving radical equations 2

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Solving Radical Equations 2

Solving radical equations 3

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Solving Radical Equations 3

Applying radical equations 1

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Applying Radical Equations 1

Applying radical equations 2

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Applying Radical Equations 2

Applying radical equations 3

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Applying Radical Equations 3

Radical equations

Solve equations containing square roots of variables.