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Converting gallons to quarts, pints, and cups

Converting Gallons to quarts pints and cups

Converting gallons to quarts, pints, and cups

Discussion and questions for this video
Towards the end, he gets 7x16/2. Where did the 2 come from, and why did he only divide 16 by 2?
He got 2 from 3 1/2 gallons which was later converted into improper fraction 7/2, then he multiplied it by 16 which is amount of cups in a gallon, there, he got 56 which is amount for cups in 3 1/2 gallons
how do you convert let's say for an example gallons to pints or pints to quarts?
1 gallon= 4 quarts
1 quart= 2 pints
so, 4*2=8
1 gallon is the same as 8 pints
how come there is not just a video on only customary units? i get confused with metric=D
Metric uses entirely powers of 10, it is much much much easier then the units we use (known as Imperial Units). Metric is confusing right now because you haven't had nearly as much practice with it then you have with the Imperial system. You've been using the imperial system since what, first grade? Second grade? How long have you been using metric? If you work with metric enough you'll begin to wonder why we stick with such a crazy system in the US.
how many cups in one gallon ??
There are 16 cups in a gallon.
how do you convert oz to pounds
Their are 16 ounces in a pounds.

16 Ounces=1 Pound
1 Ounce= 1/16 Pounds
What is an easier way to remember how to convert between measurements?
draw a big G
then draw 4 Q in the g
then draw 2 P's in each q
and then then draw 2 c's in the p's
then it should look like a face
: )
Is there something larger than a gallon?
Of course. You most likely will never need to know them, but there are some units larger than a gallon.
Off-site link to a video with a lot of them (not just volume):
How in the world am I supposed to remember/memorize all this?
A tip anybody?
And a tip for Anam is that just make up little tricks and if you want, you can draw gallon man. Search it up.
Please explain! I use the metric system and need a bit more help.HELP!
Can you use Google? Because if you type into the searchbar '' Meters into inches'' you will get an exact answer.
What type of gallon is he using... US or 'British?'
He is using the US version.
Read this it will explain the difference.
How many teaspoon are in 2 oz of liquid?
12 teaspoons... I just googled it:)
This is not a question but I know an easier way with something called gallon man. It is a gallon with 4 quartz coming out and 2 pints coming out of each quart and 4 cups coming out of each pair of pints. This is showing how some things equal others. I wish I could show a picture.
Why is a pint called a pint? Why is a gallon called a gallon?
Perhaps you should consult a _volume_ on etymology. In all seriousness, I'm not sure, but I don't think this is the right place to ask.
How can you convert gallons to pounds?
You can't. Gallons is a way to measure volume, and pounds is a way to measure weight. The reason why you can convert gallons to quarts, pints, or cups is because gallons, quarts, pints, and cups all measure volume. If you had a gallon of something (like water), you could use the volume of the water to find the weight of the water. But you can't convert gallons into pounds without something else in the equation, and it'll be different depending on what that "something else" is. You will learn more about this in the chemistry and physics playlists.
Why didn't you turn 7/2 into a decimal, 3.5?
Converting to decimal would have added several more steps. It's much easier to leave it as a fraction. Besides, if it had been 7/3 instead of 7/2, what would you do then? Converting to decimal would require an inconvenient repeating digit. Better to get used to doing things the right way and leaving intermediate fractions as-is.
Is there something smaller than an ounce?
In the standard system, there is nothing smaller than an ounce. However, in the metric system, milliliters are smaller than ounces.
sal should covert the unit more clearly
if u would've listened more carefully uwould not be asking this question
how many fluid ounces are in a gallons?
128 fl oz, because there are 16 cups in a gallon, and 16 (8 fl oz)=128 fl oz.
how many cups are in 3/4 gallon
A gallon is equal to 16 cups. 3/4 is equal to 12/16, so there are 12 cups in 3/4 of a gallon. Hope this helps!
Is there something smaller than a cup?
yes, there is another measurement called an ounce. there are 8 ounces in one cup.
This is during the whole video. there is a way easier way of learning this. This video is making it confusing and he repeats his words every second it gets annoying
i need help remembering how many quarts a gallon, how many pints per quart and how many cups per pint. HELP :(
Convert 15 pints to quarts shiw proportion
1 quart = 2 pints
so 15/2= 7.5 quarts.
you could have multiplied 16 by 3 and then added 8 four the half gallon. When I did it it still got me the same answer and it was easier for me. Is there a reason we do it the other way?
Ask a question...I need help with the multi and divi part
so you just times them together?
Why do like to change it into a improper fraction? I think proper fractions are easy to use better then improper fraction. It would make more sense to just use proper fractions.Thanks though!
because with improper fractions, it is just one set of numbers. Looking at it is harder than doing it....
how many gallons and qt in 38 pints
well each quart is 2 pints so there are 38/2 qts in pints which is 19 qts.
and then there are 8 pints in a gallon so 38/4=9.5 gallons in 38 pints.
please vote up if this helped!
How many oz are there in a cup, pint, quart, and gallon
There are 8 oz in a cup. 2 cups in a pint. 4 pints in a Quart and 4 quarts in a gallon.
I do not think this is true at 1:49 because 1 gallon is like 3.7... liters and 1 cup is 250 mL. That means a pint is 500 mL and a quart is 1 liter. But if there are 4 quarts, 1 gallon = 4 litres! Someone please help!
I am converting recipie items and in doing so, I have to multiply 1/2 teaspoons(.25 ounces) by 16.666(recipie conversion factor). So, I multiply (1/2 teaspoon) .25 ounces X 16.666 and get 4.166 ounces. what do I do with the .116?
Probably you would just leave it in decimal form in this case. If you were working in fractions the conversion factor would probably be 16 2/3 and you would do 1/4 X 16 2/3 = 4 1/6
0.166 is close to 1/6
When you are actually using a recipe the amounts are not exact amounts because there is always some error in measuring.
So does it mean that 16 cups are in one gallon? I'm really confused...
yes, 1 US gallon = 16 US cups
How do you convert pints into quarts?
Divide by two. We know there are two pints to every quart. If you wanted to convert quarts to pints, you would multiply by two, right? Since you want to do the opposite, use the inverse operation. If you had 8 pints, you would divide by two to get 4 quarts. :)
could you multiply the 2 cups/pints by 2 pints/quart then by 4 quarts/gallon?
You could, if you like!
What is 6 1/4gallons____ floz
There are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon.
So basically, you'd multiply 6.25 by 128 and get your answer. :)
Which is heavier, 0.11oz or 0.1oz
0.11 oz is heavier. Both measurements have the same unit, therefore when comparing them you only need the number part. 0.11>0.1, therefore 0.11 oz is larger.
How many gallons are there in a cup
A gallon is much bigger than a cup, so if we turn the question around to "How many cups are in a gallon?" the answer is 16 cups. Now back to your question, there are 1/16 gallons in a cup.
how do you convert a picture through space
2:0, If I have a word that involves decimals how would I convert?
how many cups = 16 fluid ounces
There are 8 cups to a fluid ounce. Another way of writing this could be 8(fluid ounces) = 1(cup). Since you want to know the conversion of 16 times this amount, multiply both sides by 16 and you get 2(cups) = 16(fluid ounces).

EDIT: This is wrong, the answer is 2 cups, I just looked at this and it didn't make much sense to me. There are 8 fluid ounces to a cup so you multiply both sides by 2 and you get 16(fluid ounces) = 2 cups
Why do you cancel out when you have 2 quarts to find pints?
can we get more examples of conversions?
4 quarts are in 1 gallon
Since 1 pound is 16 ounces, then 7/16 pounds is 7 ounces.
Is it more efficient to use this system or metrics?
how do you compare 400 pint to 100 gallons?
You would need to covert to a common unit of measure...8 pints are in 1 gallon so you could compare it either way: 50 gal to 100 gal OR 400 pint to 800 pint
I don\t understand why Sal does this:
8 pint / 1 galon * 2 cups / 1 pint

Why not multiply the pints with the pints? I mean I learned the process: if fraction 1 has pint at numerator,fraction 2 should have it at denominator,but I just don't understand why.
Some people call it "dimensional analysis". I have no idea why but it would look like this:
8 pints 2 cups
-------- * ------
1 gallon 1 pint
If you multiplied the pints, you would get
8 pints²
2 cupic gallons
Now does that make any sense? No!

When you multiply Sal's together, you will get
8 pint(s) * 2 cups
1 pint * 1 gallon
Notice that I switched around the gallon and the pint at the bottom to make the next step more understandable. This works perfectly due to the commutative property of multiplication.
Now remember how you can simplify
2 * 6
2 * 2
By getting rid of the 2 altogether? This works because they are being multiplied, which is the opposite of division. 12 / 4 is 3, just like 6 / 2
You can actually do that to get rid of the word "pint". Literally! You can cancel the units, by getting rid of the unit from the numerator and denominator from the number they are attached to. That might not be the best explanation, but it results in this:
8 * 2 cups
1 * 1 gallon
Now think about it, if you have 8 groups of 2 cups each (8 * 2 cups), you really have 16 cups! And if you have a group of a gallon each, you really have a gallon! So:
16 cups
1 gallon
Which is actually the exact number of cups in a gallon! Cool huh?
The reason fraction 1 has it in the numerator and fraction 2 has it in the denominator, is that you can cancel out the word "pint".
2 pints and one quart how many cups are in 3 1/21 gallons?
How do u convert cups into fluid onces?
Every cup is 8 fluid ounces.
How do you convert gallons to liters?
There are 3.78541 liters in one gallon.
At 4:37 why does Sal cancel the gallons?
I dont know. What video
i didn't understand what sal was saying. can sal make another video that is more clear
I really don't get the adding stuff so the bottom
says what I need help on so plz answer as fast
Hey can't a cup be large or small? Eh what is his i don't get it
A cup has 2 definitions. #1: Something to drink out of. #2: A type of measurement. Sal was referring to the measurement.
38 Pints = how many gallons and qts
how many pints in 3 1/4 quarts of water
So there are 2 pints in a quart so all we need to do is 2*3 1/4.
3 1/4*2= 6 1/2.
So there are 6 1/2 pints in a quart!
32 qt has how many cup
32 quarts is 128 cups, since 1 quart=4 cups
Why do you have to cross out the other units?
Can you divide gallons into pints?
1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints
Why doesn't talk about metric stuff like liters and meters?
He has that in the U.S. Customary and Metric Units video.
Like I said to someone else, if you are still wanting to see a video on that here is the link;
I have a test coming up and I was curious if any one had any way for me to remember the different conversions.
what if u need to add something how would u do that with ur gallons and pints? so for example 2 gals and 5 pints added 5 gals and 8 pints what I the answer ? where would u convert the or put the 2 digit numbers its very confusing pls answer as soon as possible I have my test on Friday I use this to answer my problem so hope u guys can answer this
I wish they had more difficult stuff on converting units. I am learning a new technique for this in 7th grade advanced singapore math and i withthey put more difficult exersizes.
go to 7th grade math then you are in 5th grade math
at 8:06, what is the work to this video
do you have converting customary units
He does have a video on U.S. Customary and Metric Units.
Here is the link if you are still wondering.
how do you convert qtrs. to gal
Say you have a starting unit in pints but you need quarts. Write the units and numbers down, I.e 4pints
We'll say for this example that there are 8 pints in a quart (might be wrong but it's the same method for solving) so well set up the problem 4 pints times 1 quart/8 pints. The pints cancel and so your left with 4/8 quarts. The 1 quart over 8 pints part is called the conversion ratio. So after its done you have 1/2 a quart. Most conversion ratios will be given, but some your expected to memorize.
I still don't get how he got the answer
Um at 5:00 he put a w not a c is that a mistake or not ?
what does quart mean
quart is a quarter of a gallon.
why stay with this confusing system? The metric system is so much easier.
Both metric and imperial systems have certain cases where they are more convenient.
Metric makes it easy to convert from mL to L, or from mm to cm to m to km. It's also easy to convert from cubic cm to mL.
The imperial system has lots of units that are multiples of 2 or 3 of each other. That makes it easy to divide a recipe or cut a piece of lumber into halves, thirds, fourths, or sixths. Cutting a metric unit into thirds or sixths results in an irrational number.
I'd like to live in a world where we have the prefix-root naming convention of the metric system, but a base-12 numbering and measuring system. Then lots of these conversions and divisions would work out to nice whole numbers.
In the metric system, is there something smaller than an ounce?
maybe there is something less than one ounce. such as: 0.1 nanometre or somethin like that i guess
how do u do it in mixed fractions?
28 pints equals how many gallons
28pints equal 3.5gallons
1 pint is equal to .125 gallons
who made up this whole system?
So there are 16 ounces in a pound, but 8 fl. oz. in a cup?
do you use a computer for all those things?
What? Their speaking english. o.O
At 2:20 why do you cross out the quarts and the gallon?
You actually don't cross out the quarts and the gallon, just the quarts. You cross out quarts twice, once from the first conversion and one from the second. The reason you cross them out is because one is in the numerator and one is in the denominator. It would be similar to crossing out both 4's if you were multiplying the fractions 4/5 * 3/4. Hope that makes some sense.
how do you meshure 12 gal. divided into 134 people what would the awnser be PLEASE AWNSER
Go look on google.... or ask your mom..
Why are you still using the Imperial system? Convert to metric already U.S. people. I refuse learning these values.
We're confusing, aren't we? Well, to us, standard (Metric) is confusing because we learned our weird ways. So, when we grow up, we are 100% used to our weird ways, like Russian soud funny to us but English sounds funny to them. How would YOU feel if we said you had to convert to Imperial? I can tell you'd refuse. So why would we do otherwise?
- A messsage from The imperials
so how do you convert liters into gallons
you google
liters to gallons

and theres your answer.
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At 2:33, Sal said "single bonds" but meant "covalent bonds."

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